My name is Ynes Guevara-Doyle, I am originally from Mexico and I’m married to a Timaru man, who is also an artist. I’m self-taught and have been practicing for over 10 years in a range of styles. I’m passionate about painting, colours, and life. I enjoy working in contrasting colours, mixed with symmetry and my cultural heritage.

Messed up Situations, 2018  

Completed during my travels in Mexico in 2017 / 2018. I spent six months traveling the North and West side of Mexico and dedicated another six moths finishing this series in a beautiful town named “Comala” by the Colima Volcanos. I choose the name for the series based on my first impressions I had of the people and the cities. This series was exhibited at the Embassy of Mexico in Wellington in November 2018 as part of the celebrations for the Day of the Dead.

Divas, 2021

Divas is a series based on four woman that have inspired me for a number of years and the incorporation of art historic references as a tribute to the artists that have influenced me. This series was completed in Richmond, Nelson for a solo exhibition with the Nelson Art Society at The Suter Art Gallery in November 2021.

A,E,I,O,U, (how ever you say it), 2023

Completed in early 2023 in my new studio in Timaru, includes textile works such as tapestry, and latch hook wall hangings. This work aims to raise awareness of cultural diversity and unifying power of language. It speak to the idea that we are all one, and we all belong, no matter where we hail from, how ever you say it or spell it.

Ynes Guevara-Doyle paintings are held in collections in New Zealand and around the world including USA, Singapore, and Mexico.

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Dead2b not only has a selection boutique products and artisian food from around Aotearoa, it also brings to you regular exhibitions showcasing the work of local and national artists and designers.

Each month we will bring to you a curated collection of 10 products by artists, designers and producers from throughout Aotearoa.

Supporting & promoting the amazing talented designers, artists and food producers from around Aotearoa with a hint of vintage. Including glassware, ceramics, art, jewellery, fashion, and vintage classics.

Artist Feature

Ruth Napper

"In my design process I am influenced by the natural word, it’s textures and colours, including the images of biology that have been a major part of my previous scientific work (until recently I worked as neuroscience researcher and academic at the University of Otago). I also use words, images and objects to evoke memories in the wearer, so the jewellery becomes much more than a decorative item. Much of my work uses materials traditionally not considered precious such as the images from a recycled beverage can, but it is the final object, that is precious.

As a scientist my experimental work was bounded by protocols and repeatability; in jewellery-making I delight in experimenting and playing to see what happens and how an item of jewellery develops at the bench."

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