Good Fortune - Plunger/Filter Coffee

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All Good Fortune Coffees are fair trade, living wage, organic, & roasted here in beautiful Petone, Aotearoa.

  • Firecracker: Fire Cracker is the house blend at Seashore Cabaret for a reason. The beans from Peru, Colombia, Ethiopia, & Guatemala combine for a taste once described as an exploding Peanut Slab.
  • Sixth Sense: Smooth and easy on the palate. It is a medium and dark roast with Peruvian, Colombian, and Ethiopian heritage.
  • Crystal Ball: Rich blend with it's origins in Peru, Columbia, DR Congo, Ethiopia and Guatemala.
  • Paradise: Made with Sidama beans from Ethiopia. For here is the birthplace of coffee and only these are clean and bright, with flavours of boysenberry, plum and cranberry, while floral with a hint of rosehip and honeysuckle.